What is ‘Driving School Sydney’ – Getaway?

Do you live in Sydney (particularly inner Sydney – especially the Inner West, Eastern Suburbs and North Shore) and want to learn to drive but have been feeling too worried or nervous?

Have you thought about taking a purposeful and focussed ‘learn to drive’ holiday? An enjoyable and useful vacation? A brief but intensely rewarding break?

‘DrivingSchoolGetawaySydney.com.au’ (DSGS) is the first website in Australia (and only the second website in the World) to offer learn to drive holidays.  Relaxing learn to drive holidays tailored to meet the needs of inner Sydney learner drivers. (Or to those inner Sydney residents looking for a ‘driving school Sydney’ who need to refresh their driving skills.) Providing so very much greater depth and structure of learning to drive than any Sydney driving school can! (True! Home)

DSGS invites residents of inner Sydney, including suburbs in Sydney’s Inner West, Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs and Sydney’s North Shore (both Upper North Shore and Lower North Shore), to take a relaxing yet purposeful 2 – 5 day learn to drive holiday.

In Lismore. Within the awesomely beautiful Byron Bay Hinterland.

By contacting me, Charles, at DSGS.

Why Take a Learn to Drive Holiday in Lismore?

Taking a learn to drive holiday in Lismore means that you will be learning to drive in one of Australia’s best learn-to-drive environments. One which, believe it or not, Sydney (be it in the Inner West, Eastern Suburbs or North Shore) cannot even begin to match!

Furthermore, Lismore has one of Australia’s best driving schools. The Professional Driving Consultancy. Since 1993.

No driving school Sydney can offer a proper learn-to-drive structure: Professional Driving Consultancy (Logo) does.

Lismore is the capital of the Northern Rivers Region of New South Wales. The yet-to-be-declared Region of Bundjalung.

More holidaymakers visit NSW’s Northern Rivers than any other place in Australia (except Sydney and Melbourne).

Come to Lismore and you will feel incredibly tempted to stay a lot more than a little longer! You’ll just want to keep relaxedly learning to drive in one of Australia’s most stunningly and deeply green natural environments.

Lismore is, in addition, close to other very popular holiday destinations. Including Byron Bay, Nimbin, the Border Ranges, the Gold Coast and the Gold Coast Hinterland. Also nearby are the serene Clarence Valley, the challenging Coffs Harbour and the gorgeously beautiful Bellingen.

Why Are Driving Lessons in Lismore More Comfortable?

Totally unlike inner Sydney (covering Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs, Lower North Shore and Sydney’s Inner West), Lismore has a remarkably wide variety – and lots – of quiet country roads and suburban streets. Lismore also offers multi-laned roads, roundabouts, traffic lights and access to both the Pacific Motorway and windy, twisting mountainous tracks.

What If I Am (or My Supervising Driver Is) Stressed, Nervous or Terrified?

Many (if not most) novice drivers are worried, anxious or nervous. Learner drivers may be uneasy, uncomfortable or unsettled. Even upset! Trainee drivers often worry about having a scary driving experience. Beginner drivers freak out about causing a crash.

Few novice drivers will admit their concern. Nor their unease, anxiety or nervousness.

Likewise, edgy and tense supervising drivers often tend to deny their irritability and insecurity. Even though they feel troubled, jittery, jumpy, tense and/or uptight.

So mutual worry spirals unease. Thereby increasing mutual upset, distress and even panic!

How Does PDC Help Relieve Stress and Anxiety?

First of all, both supervising drivers and their learners need to admit (particularly in preparing for a NSW RMS driving test) that they’re feeling tense. Perhaps each might do that to another person (another parent or a close friend, for example).

Also, using quiet streetscapes for driving tuition helps. So supervising drivers may need to drive to a familiar, lightly-trafficked and out-of-town location. Therefore more effort, more time and more money.

Furthermore, using a comfortable, safe and reliable car is helpful.

And, the assurance that this intensive driving course results in 80% of learner drivers being 80% likely to score at least 80% in a NSW driving test is itself comforting.

What Causes Anxiety and Nervousness?

Learner drivers’ nervousness is caused mainly by a subconscious appreciation of their lack of depth of driving skill. So novice drivers need to trust that their supervising driver can effectively cover such lack of skill. If there is no such trust, or if supervising drivers cannot cover their learners’ lack of skill, novice drivers should use a professional driving instructor.

NSW law requires a driving instructor to be able to provide clients with dual-controlled vehicles. Unlike commercial driving instructors, professional driving instructors possess up-to-date qualifications, have long, wide and deep experience and provide structured, effective and affordable low-risk driving (defensive driving) coursework.

Benefits of a Regional Intensive Driving Course:

  • Amazing cost-effectiveness in learning to drive.
  • Inexpensive driving lessons.
  • A scientific driving skills foundation.
  • Massive exposure to “city-country contrast” (the single most difficult factor in driving).

A well structured two to five day intensive driving course conducted by a superbly qualified and deeply experienced driving instructor.

Sydney’s traffic is intense, fast, skilled and high pressured. So it is much harder for Sydney driving teachers to maximize their learners’ comfort, safety and efficiency. Sydney driving schools have to provide heaps of driving lessons to deepen novice drivers’ skills. Skills of deciding quickly, safely, solidly and consistently where and when to turn, to give way, to stop or to merge.

Or to change lanes early and safely.

Why Are Driving Lessons in Lismore Safer?

First of all, you’re not trying to learn to drive in Sydney! Particularly in the fast moving and crowded streets and roads of Sydney’s Inner West, Eastern Suburbs and Upper and Lower North Shore.

Also, you’ll be taking professional driving lessons with me, Charles. Over three decades I have become one of Australia’s most widely and deeply qualified and experienced driving instructors.

Furthermore, Lismore’s country roads offer unique opportunities to learn – and repeatedly experience – ‘Dynamic Defensive Driving‘.

What is Dynamic Defensive Driving?

Dynamic Defensive Driving (‘3D’) is, scientifically, the safest type of ‘low risk driving’.

That’s because 3D trains drivers to (initially consciously) ‘note’ when a ‘something is coming up’ and to respond accordingly.

And because 3D then enables drivers to balance opposing forces. Longitudinal vs lateral vs vertical.

So 3D maximises traction.

3D is the complex foundation stone of point-to-point driving. 3D properly structures strategic defensive driver training – right from the very start.

Hence 3D is the single best driver training to avoid single vehicle collisions (1/3 of all collisions).

Unlike Lismore, Sydney does not offer the variety and density of streets and roads to effectively train novice drivers in 3D skills.

So Does Dynamic Defensive Driving Use Witches Hats and Skid Pans?


Some ‘defensive driving courses Sydney’ do – on racetracks – use witches hats and skid pans.

These off-road facilities are used for so-called “advanced driving lessons” or “advanced driver training”. It is more accurately described as ‘Emergency Services Driving’.

The NSW RMS notes that ‘advanced driver training’ is best undertaken when drivers are fully licenced. Newer drivers risk believing that they can rely on the immediacy of those skills to avoid collisions. They (usually) can’t! Further, such techniques need consistent practice. Risking Police accusations of “hoon driving”!!

“Defensive driving” reflects the strategic approach of avoiding others’ collisions as well as one’s own. The NSW RMS calls ‘defensive driving’ “low risk driving”.

Why Are Driving Lessons in Lismore More Efficient?

3D optimises drivers’ comfort, safety and efficiency in point-to-point driving.

Consequently, also in ‘traffic flow driving’.

That’s because 3D mindfully enables
.   consistent, relaxed driver focus
.   reduced rear seat passengers’ car sickness
.   minimised overall distance travelled
.   maximised steering acuity
.   minimized fuel consumption and
.   minimized mechanical wear and tear.

Lismore also has many heavily trafficked streets and multi-laned roads. Hence Lismore’s streetscapes are excellent for developing deep skills of traffic flow driving.

Lismore’s Central Business District (CBD) is hazardous. Like Byron Bay and Nimbin, quite a few of its pedestrians and cyclists are suicidal!

Indeed, some of Lismore’s intersections, roundabouts and car parks challenge even the deep skills of experienced drivers.

Most relevant is that Lismore offers a stunning amount of ‘city/country contrast’ – the single most difficult aspect of driving.

Hence the length, variety and depth of driving lessons in Lismore is arguably greater than anywhere else in Australia.

Is ‘Driving School Getaway Sydney’ Itself a Driving School?


Driving School Getaway is a gateway to NSW Northern Rivers’ longest established learn-to-drive academy – the Professional Driving Consultancy (PDC).

Is PDC Reputable, Affordable and Effective?

Indeed it is! PDC has consistently been one of Australia’s best driving schools for 25 years. Have a look at PDC’s Reviews.

What Types of Driving Lessons Does PDC Offer?

.   3D Structured CourseWork.
.   3D Assessments.

.   Free (Commonwealth Government funded) Keys-to-Drive sessions.
.   RMS Older Driver Assessments.
.   Overseas Licence Conversions.
.   Auto to Manual (and Manual to Auto) Conversions.   
.   Refresher Driving Lessons.

.   Specific Packages Tailored to Clients’ Needs.
.   Thick and Detailed NSW RMS Driving Test Preparation.

Does DSGS Offer More Value for Money than Sydney Driving Instruction?


The first reason is that PDC, through DSGS, provides a proper scientific foundation and structure in its driving lessons. Driving schools in inner Sydney – Sydney’s Inner West, Eastern Suburbs and North Shore – cannot easily provide this proper structure. So the Professional Driving Consultancy helps keep costs such as third party and comprehensive insurance premiums, repairs and depreciation costs right down.

Additionally, DSGS enables inner Sydney clients – from the North Shore, Eastern Suburbs or the Inner West – to access PDC’s multi-lesson package rates. PDC’s package rates are some of the cheapest in Australia – as little as $50/hour.

So PDC provides highly affordable driver tuition. As well as minimising driver lifetime costs like insurance and depreciation.

AND: PDC credits every RMS (and interstate) log book with THREE hours for every one hour.


The big Sydney driving schools – covering ‘driving school Inner West’, ‘driving school Eastern Suburbs’ and ‘driving school North Shore’ – ask for $90 – $100 per (short) hour. (A ‘short hour’ is one in which some paid time is not spent on mentally or physically driving. For example, time spent on recording log book details.) So a package of, say, 10 short hours will cost between $900 and $1,000. And ‘changeover time’ also adds further net cost – of the order of 15%.

That’s about $1,150.

Most driving tutors in Sydney provide driver training in automatic cars but few offer manual car driver training. Only a handful of Sydney driving teachers offer intensive driving courses. It’s rare to find a Sydney driving instructor offering even one ‘defensive’ driving lesson or more. Far less ‘defensive driving courses Sydney’.

Furthermore, many Sydney driving instructors still get visibly upset if their learner drivers make a mistake during a driving lesson!

In contrast:

PDC provides driving lessons in both automatic and manual cars. As well as 3D CourseWork within intensive driving courses. And PDC views ‘mistakes’ as valuable learning experiences.

Travel to and from – and accommodation, eating, drinking and entertainment in – Lismore is very cheap. And of very high quality!

The total cost of a 2 day learn-to-drive holiday in Lismore is around $1,100 – for 10 (even 11) full hours. This includes air fares, overnight b&b and meals as well as driving tuition fees.

How Does PDC’s ‘3D’ WorkSheet Trump Sydney Driving Schools’ Value?

PDC’s 3D WorkSheet:
.   deepens learning during driving lessons.
.   provides a trustworthy and objective reference for private practice.
.   makes 2 hour sessions feel like 1 hour sessions.
.   thereby better minimises changeover time and so $s per hour.

How Do I Best Get to Lismore?

1. Book a flight to Lismore (typically ~$500 return) or to Ballina (a lot less than Lismore):


2. Check that price with this link:


3. Then go to the site of the airline you’ve selected to make a final check on the cheapest price.

4. Ring me (on 0412 223 333) just before departure to arrange a pick-up time.

So, Is There Any Reason to Use a ‘Driving School Sydney’?

Driving skills are far and away best first learned in Lismore’s much more relaxing and much more varied streetscapes. Yet an extra lesson or two with an appropriate ‘driving school Sydney’ would certainly help further deepen one’s driving skills.

Which Sydney Suburbs’ Residents Would DSGS Most Benefit?

Inner Sydney:

CBD, Milson’s Point, The Rocks, Pyrmont, Woolloomooloo, Millers Point, Dawes Point, Barangaroo, Haymarket and Chippendale.

Eastern Suburbs:

Paddington, Surry Hills, Darlinghurst, Elizabeth Bay, Kings Cross, Woollahra, Double Bay, Rushcutters Bay. Additionally: Darling Point, Point Piper, Rose Bay, Vaucluse, Bellevue Hill, Dover Heights, Bondi Junction, Bondi, Bondi Beach, North Bondi, Queens Park, Waverley, Tamarama and Bronte.

South Sydney:

Redfern, Waterloo, Eveleigh, Alexandria, Moore Park, Zetland, Beaconsfield, Rosebery and Mascot.

Inner West:

Glebe, Forest Lodge, Camperdown, Newtown, Enmore and Erskineville. Also Balmain, Balmain East, Birchgrove, Rozelle, Lilyfield, Abbotsford, Chiswick, Drummoyne, Wareemba and Russell Lea. As well as Annandale, Leichhardt, Stanmore, Petersham, Lewisham, Dulwich Hill, Hurlstone Park, Marrickville, Sydenham and Tempe. Additionally, Leichhardt, Cabrita, Five Dock, Rodd Point and Canada Bay. Not forgetting Strathfield, Enfield, Strathfield South, Belfield, Wiley Park, Belmore, Clempton Park and Earlwood.

North Sydney:

Lavender Bay, McMahon’s Point, Kirribilli, Kurraba Point, Cremorne Point, Neutral Bay, Cremorne, Mosman, Crows Nest, Greenwich, St Leonards and Longueville.

Lower North Shore:

Hunters Hill, Woolwych, Huntleys Cove, Henley, Linley Point, Riverview, Lane Cove West, Lane Cove North and Lane Cove. As well as Chatswood West, North Willoughby, Willoughby East, Willoughby, Castlecrag, Northbridge, Naremburn and Cammeray.

Manly and the Northern Beaches:

Manly, Fairlight, Balgowlah, Balgowlah Heights, Clontarf, Seaforth, North Balgowlah, Manly Vale, North Manly and Queenscliff. Northern Beaches suburbs include Freshwater, Curl-Curl, North Curl-Curl, Brookvale, Allambie Heights, Beacon Hill, Narraweena and Dee Why.

Parramatta / Granville:

Parramatta, Harris Park, Granville, Clyde, Holroyd, Merrylands, Mays Hill, Westmead, Wentworthville, South Wentworthville. Also Greystanes, Merrylands West, Guildford West, Guildford, Old Guildford, South Granville and Lidcombe.

Randwick / Sutherland:

Randwick, Kingsford, Daceyville, Coogee, South Coogee, Maroubra, Eastgardens and Pagewood. As well as Botany, Matraville, Banksmeadow, Malabar, Chifley, Little Bay, Phillip Bay, La Perouse and Port Botany.

So, you’ve been looking for a ‘Driving School Sydney’?

I (Charles) hope this page has shown that ‘Driving School Getaway Sydney’ more than matches any ‘Driving School Sydney’. Better, indeed, than if it actually were a ‘Driving School Sydney’!

Even Australia-wide, Lismore is an amazing place to take professional driving lessons. And Lismore’s Professional Driving Consultancy is a nationally outstanding driving school.

Ring me now on 0412 22 3333.

I’m so looking forward to meeting and helping you!

Updated: 13-05-19