When you contact Driving School Getaway Sydney you will have begun to create from the get-go what is simply the best structure of driving. (So you won’t ever have to change your driving habits!)

A structure which minimises the likelihood of single vehicle collisions. And, from that basis, all other collisions.

That structure is called “Dynamic Defensive Driving”.

Few – if any – metropolitan Sydney driving schools do – or can – offer the structure of ‘Dynamic Defensive Driving’. Not many Sydney driving instructors understand its scientific basis. And few Sydney driving lessons use suitable roads and streets. So very few Sydney driving schools provide a strategic defensive driving course which reduces collision involvement right from the get-go.

Yes – you’ll need to stay in Lismore overnight. Yes, that adds to the cost. But the total cost – accommodation and travel – of this intensive driving course will be similar to that of any big Sydney driving school.


Contact Driving School Getaway Sydney to speak with your relaxed, friendly. patient, deeply qualified and professional driving instructor. Charles (Lowe) – your relaxed, friendly. patient, trustworthy, deeply qualified and professional driving instructor.


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